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“I'm a pretty decisive and organized person so I'm very on top of planning the wedding; however, the best part was just getting reassurance from an expert on the matter and making sure there wasn't something big I was forgetting. My Bridal Helpline Planner provided me with useful advice and recommendations that a typical wedding planner would, but for a fraction of the cost.”



Choose a Service

Assess your list of wedding planning questions and choose a 25 minute or 50 minute Bridal Help Session.


Pick a Date

Find a date + time that fits your schedule and reserve!  You'll receive an email with the name + telephone number of your Bridal Helpline Planner.


Make a Call

Simply call on the day and time of your session and get answers to all the Wedding Planning questions on your list!  

The Bridal Helpline
Day Of Coordination

A division of Posh & Private

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Due to high demand, we are pleased to announce the expansion of our Posh & Private brand and Wedding Planning services through our newly launched service, The Bridal Helpline

Designed for today's Modern DIY Bride, The Bridal Helpline is the ideal addition to your busy lifestyle - giving you the flexibility of planning your Wedding anytime, anywhere. 

With on-demand phone access to an experienced certified Wedding Planner, The Bridal Helpline connects you with experts who can help you navigate your Wedding Guest List issues, hold your hand when creating your ceremony timeline, provide tips on how to maximize your Wedding decor budget or any other Wedding Planning question you may encounter. 

How The Bridal Helpline Works

"I loved how knowledgeable my Bridal Helpline Planner was! She was able to answer every question that I had and help come up with a viable solution. I love the concept of this service!"


Wedding Design

“I appreciated being able to talk through a stressful issue with another person. An additional voice with more insight is always helpful. This is a great service.”


Full Service Planning

Ready To Start DIY-ing?



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